Inspirational Hijab Styles for Muslim Brides

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Assalam Alaykum dear Sisters in Islam,

Today we thought to add an inspirational post to promote and encourage Hijab Wedding style Dresses for ourMuslim Brides-to-be. This lovely compilation of respectable & modest bridal wear with Hijab is the perfect stimulation for any Muslim bride to feed her senses with, having said that please bare in mind that a minority of these dresses or hijab styles may not be entirely compliant to the Islamic rulings regarding hijab, for example in some hijab styles the neck, ears or some parts of the chest may still show, and this is not permitted or classed as appropriate hijab. The gallery below was simply put together for inspiration ONLY. Also please note that it is not essential that the Muslim Bride wears white, this is actually a non Muslim tradition, so one should not necessarily compel oneself into wearing a white gown but feel free to choose a gown of any colour and choice


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